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In 2007, 9,470 square meters of export supervision warehouse was officially opened.
In 2009, it was expanded to 15,000 square meters
• Warehouse constructure: light steel and reinforced concrete
• South side of the built-in loading and unloading platform
• North side loading and unloading platform
(width:6meters , height:1 meter )
• Warehouse height: 6 meters
• Ground load: a layer of 5.0t / ㎡
• Fire rating: Class 1
• Automatic fire alarm, spray fire extinguishing system
• 24 hours CCTV monitoring system supporting facilities

Oversea Warehouses
Overseas warehouse and logistics centers distributed in the UK, USA, Germany, Canada and Australia can provide local warehousing, local delivery services and exchange and return services flexibie.
Overseas warehouses not only help Amazon sellers reduce logistics operating costs, but also real-time monitoring of inventory, to achieve multi-platform operations.

Bonded Waehouses
Qianhai Bay Bonded Port Zone

The Qianhai Bay Bonded Port Area is the prime area for promotion and critical functional zone of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone of Qianhai. Its main trading activities relate to international purchasing, distribution, transfer, entrepot trade and corresponding service trade such as finance, insurance, agency, demonstration, inspection, maintenance and shipping.

Futian Bonded Zone
Established in 1991, the north is Futian Central District, the south is the Shenzhen River to the border adjacent to Hong Kong, built 1st special channel which is capable of 4,000 vehicles every day. Connected to Hong Kong directly through Lok Ma Chau Bridge. It was characterized by high-tech processing, modern logistics and e-commerce industry.

Yantian Bonded Zone
Yantian Bonded Zone was approved by the State Council in January 2014, including Sha Tau Kok Bonded Area and Yantian Port Bonded Area.
Sha Tau Kok Bonded Area mainly dealing export processing business including gold jewelry, electronic products, intelligent toys. Yantian Port Bonded Area mainly is characterized by port logistics, international trade, international transit and other port-based business.

Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services