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Logistic Service

Labeling and tagging
We’re able to apply labels, either to the product or its packaging. This includes swing tags, kimball/security tags, RFID tags, price stickers and other promotional labeling.

Product Inspection
Customs Compliance
We combine our expertise in worldwide customs regulations with local knowledge to ensure the smooth flow of international shipments.

Bonded Warehousing

Provides bonded warehousing services, for tax efficient supply chain management, fully complying with government regulations.
Re-work/re-packing/returns management
Re-work or redress is the customization or modification of products, often to suit a local market. It covers the re-packing of finished products to support product launches and promotions, and can also include re-palletization.

Garment processing
We perform all activities to fashion garments to make them ready for the shop floor: unpacking
and de-shrouding, steam pressing, hanging and folding.

Value-added Services

Value-added Services